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  1. Solaris17

    Intel ARC Firmware Compilation Matrix

    Hi all. This is a section originally published in: However given the work involved and the size of the table I decided to break it out. While the two topics do relate to each other closely (you should give the other a read to...
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    Guide: Flashing Intel ARC GPUs

    Made a GUI for this. Attached new tool to OP
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    Guide: Flashing Intel ARC GPUs

    ARC is in its infancy and I have playing with the platform since around the end of last year. I have several cards and found it curious that when I installed my older A380 the BIOS was older. After some searching I realized Intel takes a different approach to firmware updates. The updates are...
  4. Solaris17

    Comparison: A770 Old vs New

    write stuff. Here are some of the files. Comparison of best port royal between me 3060 and 3060ti best in class Overclocking:
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    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Removal Process and Repair Lets get started with the removal! You probably made it this far on will power especially if the only reason you have read so far is because you are infected. Let me take a brief moment (I promise) to explain the usage of Windows 7. The idea behind its usage is...
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    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Rules of the road THIS IS NOT FOR INFECTION HELP! PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN THREAD! THIS IS MEANT FOR BEGINNERS BE NICE! Information and Scope About Hello! This thread was created by request and support from a few member of the forums. I am NOT affiliated, sponsored, represent, or paid by any...
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    Guide: Global Network DNS blacklisting (Pi-Hole)

    Hey Everyone! Decided to make a guide on how to leverage DNS blackholing or "blocking"/"filtering" on your network. I will cover a few different aspects and approaches and like most of my other guides an honest PRO and CON list on why or why you shouldn't utilize something like this to help...
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    Guide: UART and you, obtaining root on random hardware

    Introduction Hello, today I hope to explain to you UART. We will take a shallow dive into the world serial device access and what it may mean from a technological and security perspective. I am NOT affiliated, sponsored, represent, or paid by any security firm or corporation. I do not...
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    Educational: Anatomy of a public DNS breakin

    Introduction Hiya, Today I am going to walk you through discovering and potentially leveraging open DNS servers in an effort to show you why you should be careful with the DNS blocking tools that have steadily become popular. I am NOT affiliated, sponsored, represent, or paid by any security...
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    Arc A770 First Impressions

    A evolution of: It’s me back on my dumb shit Write stuff later here Afterburner 2 hour run: The chip is a: Winbound 25Q64JWSIQ but the chip profile I used in ASprogrammer was W25Q64FV since the chip on the A770 is...
  11. Solaris17

    Arc A380 First impressions

    Hey everyone! Got my Arc A380. This one is the "Asrock Challenger Arc A380". This review isn't one like you might expect, part of that is the energy I want to spend on it and the other is I want to try and focus on usability. This will be a usability review for a normal person installing the...
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    Guide: Installing Windows using WDS and MDT

    Who is this for? This guide will target more lab oriented users. Some basic skills are assumed like installing an operating system will be assumed. Unlike other guides on the forum this specifically may interest those in or wanting a job in IT. Regardless of if you use these technologies in a...
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    Guide: Flashing with a hardware programmer

    Lets get physical So; you tried flashing your GPU and you didn't backup. Now you have some dude on the forum linking you a BIOS but you have no way to apply it because you don't have a spare GPU either. Well no worries friend. In this guide we are going to cover the simple procedures of...