Hello world!

Hello world!

Well that was hard. So it’s been I think a year? Since I blogged about my random misadventures in IT. Specifically since I had my misadventure into flash cache and SAN storage. I ended up losing everything in a freak HDD failure combined with an SSD cache drive failing.

So.. last night I spent the time and actually stood up my wordpress install. I configured NGINX a few weeks ago and just never got around to actually doing anything with my domains as I rebuilt my internal services.

What a mess, I think for the most part I do things in a more complex manner than needed. In this case it took me a bit to figure out why my database server wasn’t linking to my nginx server. It ended up being a interface bind issue, but it had been so long that I had to ask myself if it wouldn’t just be easier to install mysql on the web server.

I was adamant though, and continued on. Now I have some semblance of an active website maybe, if not.. well I have another project I guess.

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